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whoneedscience wrote
All this talk of time not existing makes me nervous. Is there any way to test this idea or is it purely conceptual? The point I was trying to make (poorly) is that if the idea of time as a dimension is helpful (and it certainly is with the concept of velocity shared in four dimensions) and practical (GPS wouldn't work without it), why bother with making such a claim as "time doesn't exist". Does it make more sense that way in situations I haven't heard of? Is there a thought experiment we can do that might distinguish between no-time and time?
Go to london and get pissed up in the boozer. At about 10.15 you will become acutely aware of time. It will seem to accelerate until you reach the no-event horizon at 11.00 when the barman calls out that most profound statement: "time gentlemen please"

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