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Sorry, my non-kosher carnivorous friend, but I'm not buying it. I could claim to believe tomorrow, but it wouldn't be true. The only way it could truly happen would be via some dramatic revelation, and that would hardly be my choice. You are correct insofar as one could 'choose' to believe the sky is paisley (I mean paisley all the time), but even if one did believe such a thing, that's not a choice, it's a hallucination.

Frankly, I don't think thomas or Lily or all the short-bus riders in the forum could choose atheism either. They could choose to read more science or choose to take courses in logic or make any number of other choices that may or may not make their Invisible Friend really disappear, but if/when that last thing happens, it's not because they willed it.

I dunno -- I'm just speaking from my own experience; I suppose others have a different take. Did you choose atheism?

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