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This video has been circulating on the net and has apparently drawn a huge following.

I for one consider myself a true skeptic, therefore I am going to be skeptical of any claim based on circumstantial evidence regardless of which side presents it. A skeptic after all is one who demands to be convinced with hard evidence. I'm certainly no fan of the Bush administration (as anyone who knows me could tell you I've hated him ever since the republican primaries of 2000) but there's just something about this theory that sets off alarms in my head. I want to know what the RA resident science geeks think about this theory, from a purely scientific perspective.

I would also request that any discussion on this be kept as civil as possible, as I know how strongly some people feel about this and I have no intention of starting a flame war on this issue. I was already caught in the middle of one not too long ago, and I'd rather not have a repeat of that.
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