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hey, deli, if you feel belittled by this buffoon, maybe you don't have very thick skin.
besides, sevens believes in god, he's just a very special kind of crazee.
Crazee? is that your substitution for Christ-psychosis? aren't Crazee, Loonie, deluded etc... Christ-psychosis rolled into ONE? After all doesn't Christ-psychotic Sevens believes there are submerge cities ( this is SCHIZOPHRENIA par excellence ) ruled by Magnetar-Christ?

As in Schizophrenics all these delusions of GOD exist only in his malfunctioning mind. Since the name of the delusions is CHRIST, the name Christ-psychotic fits & defines his mental illness.

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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