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Or possibly this.

Wolfram tones. Good for a laugh.....the "signalling" ones can turn out quite haunting. Eno has also done a fair amount of generative music. You can even go back to Reich and co using physical processes to make music. I do "pendulum music" with my music tech students every year just to try and break them out of the idea that they have to control every aspect of music making.....

On the other hand, Sloboda (Cognitive Psychology of Music, 1985) gives some examples of music generated by Sundberg and Lindblom according to a generative schema drawing on Chomsky, and you can tell from the score, without even listening (and I'm not a fluent score reader) which ones are generated and which ones aren't. Mind you that is a pretty old example and you could argue that there is something wrong with the schema, or something hard to duplicate about the genre (Swedish nursery tunes!) instead of it being a problem with generative processes per se. Ah, yes, it's all coming back to me now. It's a while since I looked at that stuff.

I rather like generative stuff myself although I tend to prefer stuff like Reich phase pieces (which I think are related as they again use physical processes - in this case tape speed - to generate novel melodies). In fact I really like Reich phase pieces. They're great. I urge you all to listen to lots of Steve Reich. When I were a lad we didn't have computers etc etc.....

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