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Tron is a product of human imagination.

If the universe is a simulation...

If your asshole was an ice cream dispenser, you would be enjoying chocolate soft serve on a daily basis.

...wouldn't the writer of its "code" be Godlike and the creator of the universe?

The fuck? Those are some very special conclusions based on a flawed premise. If your asshole was an ice cream dispenser, wouldn't it be dandy if some of the ice cream already had sprinkles on it, and some would be shaped like Mickey Mouse - and that would prove the divinity of Disneyland, innit?
Ok, I'll answer my own question since no one here will. If the universe is a computer simulation, YES, the writer of its code would be the creator of the universe and Godlike. If you don't like the idea of the universe being a simulation, you can ignore the idea. However, there are scientists toying with the idea.

Also, keep in mind the next generation of scientists. Millennials aren't as anti religion as baby boomers or gen Xers. The same scientific taboos might not effect them the same way it effects scientists today. Science will persevere. One of the biggest problem scientists have had in history is thinking too small. I made that mistake, atheists of all people helped me with that problem.
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