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In the past, I've been banned from theist forums for merely stating that I'm an Atheist. In fact, in many cases, I was banned for just asking questions. I hadn't even begun insulting the evil twats. I think that I'm pretty well banned, for life, from every theist forum in the known world. No biggie. I suppose that I could fake my way back onto most, if not every, theist forum but I just can't be arsed.

Over the past month or so, things have drastically changed.

I've been banned from two Atheist forums. In the case of one, I received a very mild reprimand before being banned. In the case of the second, there was no warning given before the ban was imposed. In the case of another two Atheist forums, I was savaged by ATHEISTS mods for using terms such as religtards and christards. I mean c'mon. Fuck me. Are these Atheists turning into relitard loving pussies or what?
Seems you are looking for a ban here too madam with all those capital A's!

thank goodness he's on our side
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