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What happened to our nice conversation? - I was clearly making ground and now you intellectually cower away from it.

Don't let Atheistic partisanship get in the way of your pursuit of the truth.

If it makes you feel better, the argument for existence of a "God like" being based on progressive evolution stemming from a very (if not infinitely) old and very (if not infinitely large) Cosmos is not based on Scripture, but rather free and rational speculative thought.

As I said before, my God is the Atheist's God!

You weren't making any 'ground'.

The only thing that would make 'ground' with me, is if you are able to support any of your speculations with demonstrable evidence and reasoned argument.

Until then, all you have is unsupported speculations. And if you want to base your beliefs on unsupported speculations, fine.

But don't expect those of us with a modicum of critical thinking skills go along with you.

I want to have as many true beliefs as possible, and as few false beliefs.

Please let me know, by what method should I use to determine if your speculations are likely to be true.
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