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I believe you ARE close minded because you will not entertain even the possibility God exists demanding proof that meets YOUR requirements to believe.
One of the main reasons I constantly engage theists in these types of conversations, is because I do entertain the possibility that a god exists. One of my main motivations in life is to have as many true beliefs as possible, and eliminate as many false beliefs as possible. If a god exists, I want to know about it.

But what other requirements should I use, than my own?

I have one set of tools I use to evaluate every existential claim. Those being: demonstrable and falsifiable evidence, valid and sound logic, and reasoned argument.

If the claim does not meet those requirements, what should be my justification to believe it is true?

The reason why I use these tools, is because they consistently have proven themselves to be the best path to truth.

Why should I lower the bar and use other tools to evaluate god claims? Just so they are able to clear the lower bar? One thing I am not, is intellectually dishonest.

If I lower the bar enough to allow the claim that gods exist to clear, I would also have to allow all sorts of other unsupported claims to clear, due to the same lack of evidence and reasoned argument.

The fact of the matter is you have free will and are free to rejcect the obvious fact that there IS indeed a God. If you are wrong, which you are you will be excused by God by the ignorance clause.

You have tried to understand but could never get there.

If it was an obvious fact, I would believe it.

If it was an obvious fact, this debate would not have continued for millennia. There have been atheists for as long as there have been religions.

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