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They wouldn't let me back in at Thinking Atheist. So, I came here and saw that my account was still active. I used to be really offended by the way my avatar was changed against my will. But now I kind of like it.

And I kind of like the edge. This is the worst atheist forum for any believer to be in, and I like the fact that I'm in it and can handle it.

You have a lot of active members. I mean, all forums are lesser now, but they still are very important. This one comes up #1 on a search of atheist forums.

AND...I don't think you've ever banned me. Which tells me YOU can take it, too. So, I am your theist. Probably the only one. I am here to infect you. Soon, you will be the only atheist--everyone else will be a Veridican and you will have to ban everyone as they eventually turn on you in righteous anger.

But that's down the road. Don't lose sleep over it now. Lose sleep over the fact that you will roast in hell, but don't worry about little ol' me.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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