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Veridican Theory of Hell

When we die, we go on to the next phase of life if, and only if, we have been converted into the spiritual nature of Christ. That next phase of life is similar to a lucid dream where the individual has vastly greater powers of creation and choice than they have in this physical world. And there are phases beyond that which I wonít go into in this post.

However, if one is not converted to the oneness of Christ, there is no way for them to enter this phase of life. These deformed spirits are in no way mature enough to handle such power, and God is not going to suffer their participation in it. Such an individual must be destroyed, or if they knew about Christ and rejected him, then they may well be punished for the pleasure of God (hell).

Jesus described hell as burning, outer darkness, weeping and anguish (gnashing of teeth). And this is actually quite necessary from a philosophical perspective. God is the source of all pleasure. Our entire being is attracted to God, and all the pleasures we seek on earth are mere surrogates for the real pleasure we seek in God.

If we are cast away from God so that we, for eternity, can never attain or even move toward that real pleasure we were designed to seek, then in an eternal environment we will suffer the torments of what is considered hell. Itís a simple formula: to want something with all of your being and be faced with the inevitability of eternal separation from it is--ultimately--torture. Burning, weeping, anguish, and darkness, are good analogies when applied to a spiritual being separated from God in eternity.

Keep in mind: In this life we at least have an end to our suffering. We die. But in hell, there is no death. There is an eternity of never having what you most desire. If one could go to death ignorant or guessing whether God is real or not, there might be some relief, so ability to deny the desire.

But when the atheist goes to hell, they will do so knowing that God exists.

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