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You have no problem with the concept of infinite torture for a finite crime? You don't find anything wrong with that? If you don't, you are the immoral one.
Whatever. Me and Jesus Christ. Besides, atheism isn't a finite crime. If one dies an atheist, it's an eternal crime.

Whatever deity takes pleasure in that is highly immoral.
If God exists (and He does), judging him is logically absurd.

You do too. What if your concept of God and the afterlife is wrong, and someone else's concept of a deity and the afterlife is right? You're at risk for eternal punishment as well.
It's possible I may not be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, but I'm trying, and trying seems to be all that's required.

You can sit here and bitch about how wrong hell is. That won't change anything. You should really take some time to think about God and His existence and what is expected of you by your Creator.

Why are you unwilling to do that?

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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