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A lot of people say they just can't imagine God sending people to hell. "How could a loving God so unjustly punish people for eternity for sins they did during their life." And in so saying, you'd think they were talking about people who ran a red light on the way home from church.
No, what they can't imagine is God. In order to believe in any of his so-called actions, first you must believe in God. Thank goodness there are people here who just can't accept the BS required in order to do that.

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But when I read something like you wrote, and I think of the mind that wrote it, and then I think of the intention God had for your life when he imagined you and created you, and how great that insult would be to Him, I for one have no problem with the concept of hell.
Right, but only because you don't think you'll be going there.

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And this is the thing--hell exists for the pleasure of God, so it is surely going to happen. In hell, you won't have the surrogate pleasures that stand in for what you truly desire, like you do here on earth. These surrogates exist simply by the grace and mercy of God for the time that we are here and in spiritual training.
What a sick puppy your God is. Plus, your evidence for your theory of Hell and what happens there is, what?

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In hell, you will only want God, but you will be separated eternally from Him. You don't understand this suffering now, because you won't actually think about it. You won't let yourself imagine it. But it's coming for you, Ghoulslime. You need to think about it. You need to consider Pascal's Wager.
Be scared Ghoulslime. Really scared. And send money.

I thought you said you didn't care what any of us thought? So, you do care? I do wish you would make up your mind already. - NKB

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