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Well done, that manages not to answer the question at all.
Yes I did, and if you’re not satisfied, don’t waste my time asking them. Oh, but wait, surprise, you want more info…
You say hell is for those that know Christ and reject him, like most atheists on here. So are you saying all these people that didn't accept Christ because they didn't know him go to heaven, or is there a third place for them that I am unaware of? You didn't explain this part very well.
They are destroyed. Jesus said:

“But the gate to the kingdom is narrow, and few are those who ever enter it. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and many are they who pass through it.” (VGJC 7:31)

You also state that the answer to my question about the two men is easy. Is it?

The one you condemned to hell lead a life which surely conforms much closer to the example set by Jesus in his own life.
So what? He has no faith in Christ. He is not suitable for the next phase of existence. I’m assuming he rejects Christ and so roasts in hell; however, if you want to say he really just doesn’t know about Christ one way or the other, then he is simply destroyed.

Also, if this mans efforts are fruitless, then why did Jesus also heal the sick?
Every miracle Jesus did has a symbolic significance in the Gospel. Keep in mind, there are many people he didn’t heal. What about them? And who cares anyway? Our efforts are fruitless unless they are done from the reborn spirit of Christ. You can be as good as you like, you’re still going to fry if you reject Christ. God doesn’t need your good works. He did manage to create the universe, you know?

Why would god make us so incapable and unlikely to comprehend what he deems as good or just, are we not in his image? Or was it just foresight so that heaven didn't get too crowded.
I don’t know what you mean.

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I am curious about something. Let's say it was Sunday morning. You had gotten up early to make some toast, or porridge, or whatever it is you like to treat yourself to in the morning. Suddenly, the electricity spikes. Sparks fly, catch onto something flammable and before you know it there is a fire. It soon starts to build up steam, and you're trying to fight it off. You grab your fire extinguisher, but it malfunctions.

And by this point it's too late, anyway. The fire has really started to spread now. In fact, it's gotten all the way to the bedroom, where your wife was sleeping. You go to get her, but a support beam falls, blocking your way, and trapping her in the inferno.

You have no choice but to run. You dash outside, calling the fire brigade.
"Help me," you beg, "my house is on fire and my wife is trapped inside."
The voice on the other end is understanding, but not very helpful.
"I'm sorry," she says, "But we all are at church. We don't want to risk going to hell by helping you when we should've been worshipping. But don't you worry, god has got this. He doesn't need the police or the firemen".

You can do nothing but stand there and watch as the flames engulf your house, and above the crackling roar of the fire, you think you can hear your wife's tortured screams.

Is that really what you believe?
You’ve lost me completely. But I will say in general, God will take my wife. He may take me before he takes her, or vice versa, but he will separate us by death. When my wife and I got married, I knew this. So, what is your point? We should have never been married? We shouldn’t take care of one another?

Something you can’t understand. It’s a verse that will be completely lost on you, but God seems to want me to quote it anyway (which sucks because it’s extra work…nevertheless). Jesus said it right at the end when he knew he was facing death and all the disciples would desert him:

“These things I have told you so that you may have peace in Me. For in the world you will have trouble, but have courage, for I have overcome the world.” (VGJC 46:22)

An atheist will never have that. If you ask me, you’re in hell already—you just don’t know it.
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