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Eternal wrote
When you first started posting here Veridicanism was purely for you and your wife. It has evolved from that to a replacement for the biggest religion in the western world. Can you understand why people on here are worried about either your stability, or your intellectual honesty? Personally I believe you knew all this when you first started posting, but you had an image in your head of how you should present yourself, a big part of this self image was humility. Saying you are going to replace christianity is not humble, so you avoided taking this stance.
Please specifically note the placement of the question mark, then read the words that precede it. This is how you can recognise a question.

Egor wrote
Itís not going to replace it in numbers or churches. Itís replacing it theologically. Maybe not today; maybe not tomorrow, but eventually it will.
No you didn't. See above. Again you have either purposely ignored the question or misunderstood it. You continually either show you inability to communicate correctly, or just straight dishonesty, which is it?

By the way, have I mentioned lately that you are a deluded twat.

"Belief means not wanting to know what is true"
Friedrich Nietzsche
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