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There is so much wrong with what you just wrote, I am unsure where to begin.
There's your typical melodramatic first sentence.

Why the fuck should he? To imply that HE is the one that should leave if the situation is to imply that he is the one in the wrong, and subsequently that those imposing said situation are implicitly, and wholly, in the right. It's giving them a free pass to say or do whatever they want in a religious context.
If he's in the minority and being persecuted or imposed upon and doesn't like it, he should leave. It's very simple. Right and wrong don't enter the equation. If you really feel like launching a crusade (pardon the pun) maybe go to Afghanistan and oppose the Taliban.

That's like me walking behind you in the street and pushing you from behind every once in a while, and when you complain someone else tells you "Hey, if you don't like it, walk on the other side of the street".
Would you move to the other side of the street? If you wouldn't, then fuck off with your bullshit here.
You and your simple analogies, if you're getting hit by multiple people constantly then most people apart would eventually leave. Do you try to get on a train when everyone gets off too?

Having not lived in the UK, I can't comment on that, but being an Australian citizen I'll tell you that's full of shit, also.

It's true, there is less than in America, but "barely a whimper"? No. In primary school, from years 1-6, we had a weekly mandatory-unless-your-parents-signed-you-out-of-it Scripture class, where a "community volunteer" would come in and was given free-reign over impressionable children to preach about the bible.
Miy kids are taught the same thing, I've told them that's what some people believe. That's right it's a whimper. Good example though

But hey, that's barely a whimper.

Until last year, the Federal Government had a policy that funded religious chaplains to work as in-school social workers, rather than trained, secular professionals.

Again, I can barely hear the whimpering religion over the sound of all that secularism.

Our previous Prime Minister may have been openly atheist, but she had also openly declared that she would not support gay marriage because it went against the bible.

Whimper, whimper, whimper.
The Chinese are also very anti-gay as well, your implication of religion as a cause is simple.

An embarrasingly large amount of our Federal Funding for schools goes to Private Schools - which is made up almost entirely of Religious Schools.
In fact, in the recent State Election where I live, one of the parties ran with an election promise to remove a portion of funding from public schools in the state to give to private schools - of which 100% in the state are religious in nature.

Military ceremonies held on government owned ground, run by government-funded bodies (I'm talking the Australian War Memorial here), events at which school children are often invited to attend (including ANZAC day ceremonies, amongst many others), are always led with Christian prayers, and ended as such.

And this is just the start of it.

No, you're right, we have nothing to protest about in Australia.
Or maybe you think that's all fine, and we should just leave? Perhaps I could come over and see you, Jerry.
If you want, you'd probably bitch about nothing over here as well

Or perhaps you can just fuck off with your bullshit.
You really scrape with barrel with your dubious examples, good on your for trying though. Never give up your misdirected anger.

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