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Universe a Simulation?

The Buddhists and certain Hindu sects have believed, for thousands of years, that reality is an illusion. Only recently, science has caught up with this belief, with the notion that this is all a simulation. One scientist has proposed a way to examine the question. He discusses the number of simulations we humans have produced. For that he uses video games as well as the standard medical and astronomical (etc.) models. He notes that simulations outnumber reality by an overwhelming margin.

Then he asks "what if what we are in is an elaborate simulation"? One can only wonder how a civilization, a mere one thousand years more advanced than we are, could create simulations so vast in number, and so elaborate and complete. The odds are, therefore, the scientist says, what we are in is not reality, but is a simulation.

Does that mean ALL the science of humanity is rigged and contrived?

Does that mean that God is a nerdy, nearsighted extraterrestrial?

Scientists think these are serious questions. But I believe there is a forum award for the poster who first brings up sperm and snot.
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