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Anti-Neutrino/Neutrino conversion rate

Hope that someone out there can help.

Just finished reading a book that stated that the conversion rate of Anti-Neutrino to Neutrino is faster than the conversion rate of Neutrino to anti-Neutrino and, in fact, this applies to other matter/anti-matter particle pairs. This leads to a matter/antimatter particle pair imbalance in favour of the matter particle pair.

When cooling took place during Big Bang and the matter/antimatter particle pair annihilation occured, the matter/anti-matter particle pair imbalance gave rise to matter particle pairs which were not annihilated and which, subsequently, formed the universe that we know today.

Sadly, the book doesn't state the reason for the differences in the matter/anti-matter conversion rates. Probably because the book was written in 2009 and the reason was unknown back then.

Anyone know of any research which would suggest why the asymmetry existed?

I believe that this is also known as the Baryon Asymmetry if this helps.

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