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I know nothing about this except to comment that I read a book one time that said some string theory surrounding our universe is relies on breaking symmetry to explain itself. Such as the idea that the universe is ten dimensions and it broke into 4 and six. Iím sure you already have heard this. I donít know what it has to do with anything but thought Iíd throw it in there because I, too, find it vexing to hear you say that antiparticles decay faster than their counterpart particles. Thatís just fucking weird.
I think I know where you are coming from. I think I know what you are saying and why you are saying it. Like you though, I'm not sure if this helps except in that it is not unknown for symmetry to be broken even at the most basic string level. Therefore, why shouldn't 'symmetry', albeit a different type of symmetry be broken at a level above strings i.e. particles.

Why should symmetry exist in the first place?

Why should it remain?

Why shouldn't it be broken?

What cause symmetry to remain in place?

What causes symmetry to be broken?

These, and many more questions, will be ........

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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