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Anyway brother Atheist,
Sevens. You are nowhere near an atheist. Not in the same league. Not playing the same game. Nothing you beleive could ever be considered atheist or freethinking.

What you have is a lack of beleif in monotheistic religions replacing that beleif with numerology and pattern seeking controlled by woo woo powers from beyond.

Never sully the name atheist with your brand of bone-strirring, tea reading junk non-science.

Just stick a mystical hat on your head and chant the seven 222's or whatever mad crazy batshit you like. Just do it far away from people who use logic and reason. Your nutso-germs might infect.

"If you can wait 2000 years for Mr Christ, I can wait 19 years for John Frum" High Preist :- Church of John Frum 1952
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