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There is a spark of creativity that is required to move from the facts we know towards the unknown. That is present in all worthwhile human endeavour. There is always a state of unknowing and guessing towards what might be. It happens in science in a controlled way when making hypotheses. It happens in philosophy when making assumptions about morality and purpose and meaning. It happens in "extreme philosophy" (aka religion) when making guesses about how things came to be.

These stories go above and beyond the facts. They help make sense of what we see but cannot explain. They help provide context for our lives and moralities and relationships.

I don't resent you at all. My presence here is driven by two things. First, I think atheists present a good critique of religion and help to sharpen what I think. Secondly, I think that you hold some half-truths and lies in your beliefs. I'd like to provide contrary information that you might want to consider.

I only poke at the idea of atheist community because it seems you folks alternately claim it and deny it as it suits you.

As for mass efforts to recruit atheists, your heros Dawkins, Dennet, Myers and Hitchens are devoting their careers and publishing efforts to do just that.

Hopefully my explanation made some sense. We have to live with unknowing and we all have different ways of dealing with that.

Yes, this isnt about knowledge in the sense of empirical facts. It's about a story that informs the way we live in community. It emphasises what we do and how we relate to other people rather than what we know.
Thomas Two,

Thanks for your contribution, I thought what you wrote just made all sense to me, I feel quite blessed and uplifted by your response and I see all sense in the way you see things.

All the best
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