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The Fundamentalist Christian guy on The Big Question (BBC Sunday morning discussion programme) this morning was laughed at when he said that Humanists were from the devil and would cause moral decline etc etc- laughed at, mocked, and laughed at again when he kept coming up with ridiculous opinions and stating them as fact. Then the chaplain from the Houses of Parliament had the wind taken out of her when she was also challenged about her opinions of Humanist weddings.
Andrew Copson (Head of the British Humanist Society) was reasonable and polite in the face of ridiculous accusations and taunting from the religious speakers and he prevailed: Humanism and Secularism prevailed and most of the audience laughed at the religious nuts.

This is progress and this is what Islam is trying to prevent and this is what you will never see in an Islamist country. This is what a lot of christians still want. As one person in the audience said; free speech was not invented by the religious, it was invented by the secular, the atheist, the humanist and it is the religious- of ALL religions, who would suppress free speech and criticism of their 'faith. As another audience member said; is their faith so shaky that they cannot take a little criticism?

We need to be able to laugh at religions, we need to be able to knock them off that pedestal of their own making, we need to remind them that their ideas are laughable and silly. In this way we shall build a better society- NOT through repression of free speech: think about what comes next after the banning of cartoons? They don't like women walking around without their heads covered? ok- just give in- we'll make all women cover their heads. Next we make the Jews wear yellow stars and the LGBTQAT community wear pink triangles. Draw the line. Draw it here.

End rant

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