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The daily slaughter goes on, and it's not the Baptists and Anglicans doing it!
Personally, I think those who

Execute their own child for falling in love
Think that chopping off hands, hanging/beheading/buurning alive people is great public entertainment
Use young children for suicide bombers
Kill girls or throw acid in their faces for attending school
Murder people for writing books or satire
Force women to live in a tent with a slit to look through
Execute people for leaving their religion

And a litany of other holy horrors.
Normal? No. Mental? - definitely.
I regard them as sub human monsters who should be "cleansed" from the gene pool.
I agree- all of those things are reprehensible - I'd hate to turn into a Nazi to rid the world of them tho. And you don't have to be mad to do those things- I've worked in Criminal justice long enough to know this. I've also worked in mental health long enough to know what real madness looks like.

Now- sweetie- are we sticking to proper conversation or are you going to continue to try to score points off me and call me an apologist again?

Please be aware I may not answer straight away for one of many reasons:
1 I am ignoring you
2 I am too busy with real life
3 I'm actually working with mad murderers and people who think raping a 3 month old baby is a neat idea.

so don't worry

'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what." Fry
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