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GRATIAS TIBI AGO!!!!! Thank you. Thank you,!!! that's exactly what I was trying to say..but YOU are the expert and the authority since this is your field.
De nada, Cal. Now about that really disturbing avatar........ it's giving me some really disturbing flashbacks.
LOL........well, I'll change it. When my friend's lady gave birth to his son I video and took pictures of the birth...after I performed the costumary Flamen Dialis ceremony of blessing her belly ( I'm an atheist, but religious psychosis can be use to stimulate the mind and unite humans in a delusional communion...just like seen a movie..:))
I wish video existed back in 1942 and my dad had video my birth!....This act gave me tremendous respect for motherhood. It should be a LAW that every person when turning 18 years old MUST see the birth of a human being. I think crime would decrease. It is the most amazing event ever!! I almost became an empath while videoing the event. I suggested the placenta could be eaten ceremoniously after been properly prepared ( adding some peganum harmala to induce religious psychosis imagery )....but the nurses looked at me as if I had lost my mind!!..the nerve!!..geeh......

While looking at the "Empty Cave/Tomb" I went back in time to February of 1942 imagening my fish days when I swim in the ammiotic sea where peace, calm, serenity and a brand new biological computer were ready to be disturbed violently by the expulsion from this "ocean paradise". This traumatic experience when we begin to realize we are under a terminal disease called life is, IMHO, what causes depression, anguish, fear, and religious-psychosis. One doesn't have to have Freud's brain to realize it!!...:lol:
I watched a video of a birth in highschool in my Health class.
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