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calpurnpiso wrote
Philboid Studge wrote
Rhinoqulous wrote
Sorry Cal, Freud's been discredited. No one really buys into psychotherapy anymore.
Horse Hockey! Just to add to what scathach already said, Freud is definitely enjoying a renaissance in psych circles. Mark Solms wrote an article delineating how and why, and it made it into this.
Thank you for the site. What's wrong with Rhino? he following the traditions of the readers of Only One Book refusing to learn about neurology from TRUE mentally healthy scientists? christ-psychosis contagion infecting his brain?..:lol:
Freud, and Darwin ideas, could be compared with wine, the older they get, the better they taste........:lol:
Cal, Freud's psychotherapy has taken its lumps, as had Freud. Many of his ideas have been discredited.

You should take up study of the newer cognitive disciplines. Here are a couple of recommendations:

The Evolution of Consciousness, by Dr. Robert Ornstein
A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness, by Dr. V.S. Ramachandran

"Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor." - Justin's Dad
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