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godless wrote
Sternwallow wrote
Lily wrote
I can't believe I even bothered to respond to you this one time.
I can't believe that you have found something that you can't believe.

angels, giants, (the offspring of naughty lustful angels & scarlet hussies), unicorns, talking serpents that never use to eat dust & crawl on their bellies, dragons, Noah's ark filled with two of every species on the earth, Creationism- (5 days spent creating the Earth, oh & the sixth day creating the other 99.99R%, walking on water, the refusal of any Egyptian historian to record the happenings of Exodus, the refusal of any credible scholar to record Jesus despite his multitude of miracles- A conspiracy I tell ya. The absence is proof of a cover up.! God sacrificing himself to himself for us. Jesus- Fully God, Fully Man. The 'failed' annihalation of various tribes by Moses & his armies as God apparently forgot that the women they were directed to rape, & permitted to force marry would pass down the despised DNA of the tribe they were meant to be erasing from the face of the earth

What's not to believe:wall::wall::wall: Faith, faith I tell ya, just stop thinking people & listen to the crazy voice in your head...........& believe........& the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours, just as the Pope promised to all those brave crusaders who raped, pillaged & murdered thru the Christian crusades.
It is all due to this type of schizophrenia I refer to as Christ-psychosis. Lily is our resident christ-psychosis infected masochistic buffoon, just simply ignore her for her posts are pathetic filled with falsehoods due to her affliction. Fuchs is her worst nightmare...:lol::lol:.... We are still wondering why is she here having such distorted perception of reality. Welcome to the forum.:cheers:

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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