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Have you read 'Footfall' by Niven and Pournelle? also their 'Mote in God's Eye' - puts forward a different scenario re resources
I haven't read them, but the plots described in wiki look interesting. The threat of pre-emptive extermination could be realistic if some species declares us unsustainable (i.e., we would be a plague on the galaxy). Of course given the 2nd law of thermodynamics, all life as we currently define it is unsustainable if you zoom out far enough into the future, making resource scarcity inevitable.

That is to say, extermination could be logical depending on how much of a self-absorbed prick species you are. Hence my advice to whatever species first stumbles upon our lovely system is: Run. If you value your future, run!

"When science was in its infancy, religion tried to strangle it in its cradle." - Robert G. Ingersoll
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