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Frankly, I think atheism turns people into monsters--but that's me. Mind you, I had a look at some of the posts in the General Discussion area, and I must say I think you all make my case. Nevertheless, I'm here to do a lot more listening than talking.

I'm a longtime veteran of these debates; however, I've been out for a few years, so I'm interested to see how things have changed. I get the feeling there are no longer any theists in this forum, and it looks like the atheists here have lost all ability to actually debate or even discuss the possibility of God's existence.

Be that as it may, I'm writing a book on the subject, so I'm interested in what the modern radical atheist is thinking. I think this is the forum in which to find that out.

See ya 'round.

What do you mean by god? What is your definition? Where is your evidence for that definition?

Let's go. Tell me and then we can debate.
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