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I was reading your post and trying to get past the loose associations and then I saw this statement, and frankly, I was taken aback.

What, pray tell, does an atheist know about nobility? What nobility can a dirt clod have? Isn't that what atheists reduce us all to? Dirt clods with accidental consciousness?

You only get nobility if there's a Supreme Being to which you give your life and service to. If you can't understand that, you need to get yourself to the back of the short bus. You don't belong in this debate.
Dirt clods? What biology lessons have you sat in? Consciousness has evolved over billions of years. I cannot see how this is accidental. More like a journey that changes slowly over a period of time.
If you can only have nobility if God exists, are you stating that it is therefore impossile for atheists to be noble? "Noble" is a word, not a magical hex that can only be performed by the "believers".
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