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Taxing the church is not a good idea at all. All the believers are paying taxes already!
But the church doesn't. THAT'S THE FUCKIN' POINT !!

Torysky wrote View Post
And the church is the institution that makes the society better.
The cunts in the church rape our children, con society out of its goods and chattels and spreads bullshit using a bronze-age myth, which, quite frankly, is laughable. In what way does that make society better, pray tell?

Yes, the church does do some good works, BUT ONLY AS A SMOKE SCREEN FOR ALL THE EVIL IT DOES.

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The Government should sponsor the church communities instead of taxing them
The Government should tax the church out of existence and give the goods that the church has ripped off society back so that the money can be used by local communities to benefit local communities.

Oh, by the way, fuck off and take your bullshit with you.

Fuck Off!

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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