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One, have you heard any arguments for the existence of a god (or gods) that have been at least somewhat convincing to you, and if so, what were they?
No. They are all fallacious.

The Cosmological argument, Ontological argument, TAG, Teleological argument are all fatally flawed.

If any of these are convincing to you, we can discuss why they are flawed. Or if you have another, present it.

Two, do you ever think you will be convinced that a god exists?
I have no idea.

I base my beliefs on demonstrable evidence, reasoned argument, and valid/sound logic. If a claim does not live up to these criteria, I am not justified in believing it.

If some evidence was discovered and presented that lived up to the above criteria, I would be compelled to accept it.

My atheism is a provisional position, not a dogmatic one.

Three, if you had an opportunity to find out once and for all if a god existed or not, what would you want the answer to be?
Depends on the god. The god(s) depicted in the Bible, Koran, Vedas, Book of Mormon are pretty monstrous fellows. It would truly be horrible if one of those existed.

I'm sure I could come up with some description of a god that I wouldn't mind if it existed. The deist god, for example.
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