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Oh,it may still be correct.I think it IS a rational explanation,and quite elegant in it's simplicity.

Puts me in mind of how we deal with our flight/flight impulse in an urban industrial society. Or are you talking about something entirely different?
I think you are very close to my idea. I would say that skydiving and roller-coaster fun are off-script uses of the flight/fight mechanism. Our ability to physically deal with risk has developed so far that it exceeds that needed for simple survival and so we can use it in ways that would kill our distant ancestors to even think about.

"Want to have some great fun, Og? Just jump off that thousand-foot cliff while holding a napkin; it'll let you down easy."
Og replies: "You say this ties in with the fight/flight impulse? Then I'll just have fun beating the crap out of you instead. Now, that's fun!"

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