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Okay. You're starting to throw out some serious red flags here.

I suspect that you intend to argue that "instinct" is some sort of natural programming that must be instructed by a god. That "instinct" made the hen sit on the egg, and instinct must come from some other source.
That is why I asked.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt one more time, but if you continue down that path then fair warning, I will be 100% done with you.

Before you asked "I can summary your answer to be one word “INSTINCT”. Without “instinct” hen will not sit on her eggs. Am I right?"

No. The "instinct" comes from generations beforehand passing on a trait of egg-sitting. Those that sat on their eggs bred more successfully, passing on that trait more and more, until eventually it became a natural action of hens, or "instinct" to do. However, that instinct as we have portrayed it would not have been present in the original hens in the same way it is in the hens of successive generations.

If you say that some origin hens sat on her eggs, you have still not answered my question! Why did some origin hens sit on their eggs? or in general, why did origin hens protect their eggs? what was the feeling link between hens and their eggs?

Is it clear? See my question is not regarding evolution and ....
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