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Welcome Colpat. As a slightly younger coot on this forum, it will be good to see participation form someone with more substantial life-experience than some of the youthful riff-raff.

Why have you come to our refuge, our haven? If it is to inform and reform us, your trail will likely be a trial. If it is to inquire of us the skinny on atheism, most of us will happily oblige. If it is to poke us with a righteous stick, beware, our powerful retaliatory sticks have known dark places that your stick could not conceive of. If it is to participate in a rational discussion of ideas and ideals then I say hooray and let the festivities begin.

Threads are IMV a way to circumscribe particular topics to help discussions focus.

The thread for "material that doesn't deserve a thread" is for just ideas and items of interest for which long discussions are not expected.

So, if you have a new thought or interest provoking thing to present, making a discussion thread is the way to go. But, we are no better at multiprocessing than you so lots of threads, especially ones that duplicate existing threads are not a good idea.

OK, now,
Are you a Bible-based Christian, just a theist, a deist, a Young-Earth-Creationist ... Where do you stand broadly; I suspect you are not Muslim, Buddhist. Now that the official count of Christian religions has topped 39,000, it might help us to locate you on the Jeebus spectrum.

Why would you want people other than yourself to believe something that is only true to you, a personal experience that cannot be directly transferred to others? Or, do you have objective evidence for something supernatural that we can all share?

That is, is there any reason other than your internal subjective experience that causes you to include some supernatural in your view of reality?

Could there be a physical/natural explanation for all of the brain states that seem to be supernatural experience to the person experiencing them? If there is a natural explanation, would that not make the supernatural part, not disproven, but merely irrelevant and unnecessary even if strictly true?

Oh, yes, a hearty welcome to you.

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
"Atheism: rejecting all absurdity." S.H.
"Reality, the God alternative"
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