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Why won't looking at the statistics of tossing tell you which universe it is?
Let me explain it again. Both universes have the same behavior. One is controlled by laws so that a coin flip always has 50 heads, 1 tail, 50 heads and so on.

The other universe behaves the same way, 50 heads, 1 tail, 50 heads, 1 tail but there is no law controlling it, it's simply a huge unexplained coincidence.

This means that no matter which universe you are in, the lawful universe or the one that behaves the same way out of chance, you will always flip a coin get 50 heads, then 1 tail, 50 heads, 1 tail and so on...

Any experiment you perform in either universe is always going to come up with the same results. There is no detectable difference between a universe that controls a coin into behaving a certain way and a coin that just happens to have the same results by randomness or chance.
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