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Why do you want to know so much about me personally or try to know who I am beyond my anonymous nic? You want to have beers together or something? Drop it. It's really none of your business.

Aren't you the moderator? Just ban me and don't worry about whether I've been in this forum before. If you want to discuss things with a dedicated theist, here I am. If you don't want a theist in here debating the existence of God, kick me out; that's your prerogative.
You are mistaken if you think what you are doing is, in any sense, a debate.

Even if you were engaging in reasonable debate, that is seldom a way to discovering the truth of a proposition such as the existence of god(s).

The only way humans have discovered so far to reliably explain phenomena is to evaluate the information (facts) that pertain to them. So, an hypothesis about the existence of god could possibly be enhanced due to the presentation by one side of information previously unavailable to the other side.

So, Mr. Egger, what facts do you have that support god(s) existence while excluding alternative supported explanations?

Note: I expect a theist like yourself to attempt the following to switch the burden of proof over to our side; don't bother. If you want to say that you can't imagine a creation event by natural forces or you aren't satisfied of the natural explanation for some phenomenon like courage, that is not information in favor of your side of the proposition, but a confession of your personal mental inadequacy.

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
"Atheism: rejecting all absurdity." S.H.
"Reality, the God alternative"
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