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It's cute how you talk about ad hominem attacks when in your original post you called us all monsters. And of course, since we say bad words and insult you, that must mean we're wrong about everything.

Honestly, it's been a little while since I lurked here and I barely made it half way through the first page before I was sick of it. It just gets so old. You're obviously not interested in learning anything.
The christian attitude, at least amognst the more fundamentalist, is that it is entirely acceptible to say whatever they choose, and that includes the most vile insults, about atheists. Like many others here I have been consigned to a future eternity in hell by a christian drooling with delighted anticipation because I refused to "accept Jesus" and, worse, said why. However, even a mild, certainly by comparison, attack on a christian and they become very upset. We see this clearly with the attacks on Professor Richard Dawkins. Because he has the temerity to state his atheist views, with force and candour, he is reviled by the christian zealots. And what they don't find in him to attack they invent.
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