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Rhinoqulous wrote
Sorry I didn't finish addressing this last night, I had a friend drop by and as I'm a good host, we smokumed um peace pipe through the night. :P

On Zeno, I think we can leave this to the side. I agree that understanding the universe as having a minimum distance (The Planck length) puts Zeno to rest.

I still have other problems with Barbour's theory of timelessness (and such theories in general). We actually experience time passing; if this is an illusion, what is causing us to have the illusion? Also, if the "constructed histories" are only mental phenomena, and no such "temporal history" exists in the universe, this seems like putting the cart before the horse. What we are is our consciousness, mind or whatever, that is the result of our brain functioning through time. If time is a construct of our minds, how does the process of mind come about in the first place?
The answer to your first question is most likely tied deeply with consciousness. I have to drop it at that point, for lack of better education. ;)

For the second, don't forget that the historical past is not only in our minds. It is also in the configuration of the shape space. Think of the air molecules displaced by the beating of the kingfisher's wings or the bouncing ball. They are recorders of history as well. Anything that can cause decoherence records history and adds information.

Our past is not a string of events. It is cumulative based on past histories. We accumulate the past - in our minds, in the configuration of reality around us.

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