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So, basically another bit of creationist apologetics is bullshit. News at eleven.

“In fact, all universes can support the existence of stars, provided that the definition of star is interpreted broadly,” notes Adams

Similarly, all universes can support ninja bukkake mud wrestling, provided that the definition of such is interpreted broadly...

However, this is not creationist* bollocks, this is theoretical mathematical bollocks. They are very different. Both bollocks, but one is really hard to do while the other is really hard to stomach.

*[If anything it's against creationjism, since he says that stars can exist in many kinds of universes and not just our special god-made heavenly home. Indeed, the end of the article says "” Aguirre says. “This open-minded approach can serve, in some cases, as a counter-argument to claims that our universe is fine-tuned for life.”" Did you even fucking read it?].

"“We simply do not know,” Adams says.""

You got that right.

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