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I take it you don't believe in the Young Earth Theory, and in an omniscient being who made the first people out of dust.
I had forgotten that Impossibly-Talented didn't use a spell to conjure up a man, but actually fashioned him out of dirt!* (I tell you, this creation lark is too sophisticated for my mortal mind to hold!)

Well, I have to get this right! >>


Out of

*(See this is why we need more Religious Education in our schools! How can we hope for children to grow up into good and moral citizens if they don't know what part of things was made with spells, and what was flung together out of muck?)

Healthy genes act as team-players. They are teamish!
Their winning plays are
salvations of an aliveness of which they are a part.
Only a fraction of genes are selfish/parasitic (and they
parasitize teams).
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