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Ah, excellent something to report! 625 million people are a part of the denomination I am involved with. They believe in healing and speaking in tongues because they have seen it in many different countries. Regarding the man who's leg was stretched out, more than 200 people witnessed it. Are we all delusional? I was raised with a pastor for a parent and I know many ministers as a result. These people are not illusionists to pull off a stunt like that. Before you make the claim, with as much certainty as you do, that God is imaginary, perhaps you should travel the world with a man of God. If you haven't, then you can't be sure what you say is true.
Argumentum ad populum - it's a logical fallacy isn't it, dolt?

1.5 billion Muslims! How can so many be wrong?

900 million Hindus! How can so many be wrong?

You are a delusional lunatic, and we are not interested in buying your snake oil.

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