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Well, good old Egor executes a near perfect regulation flounce as he once again gets his sorry ass reamed beyond repair, but there's no chance of him not being back - his vanity and arrogance can't resist us.

His whole sorry life seems to be devoid of reality and stuffed with woo & paranormal related nonsense - his version of god & jesus, psychic bullshit, tarot cards and philosophical mental masturbation culminating in firmly believing that single cell organisms somehow receive telepathic consciousness via some cosmic Borg. When it's pointed out that this may be an extreme case of trying to hammer the square peg of his beliefs into the round butthole of reality, the ad hominems fly, the snarks prickle and the flounce commences. He claims to be smart, just as the drunk pissing himself in the subway claims to be sober as the crowds point and laugh.

It's abundantly clear the poor man has some serious personal problems and he should be quite worried if he can't work out why every social activity he ventures into is a failure. I could offer a wild assed guess that it may be because he appears to have the personality, charisma and social skills of a whelk, but the truth might hurt. He craves attention and validation, doesn't get it, so falls back on spamming & poaching to boost his own site traffic - but falls apart when confronted with reality and the well deserved mockery his nonsense deserves.

Fear not, the clown will be back, but later rather than sooner! (I hope).
Not that I'm agreeing with what your saying - I like and support Egor - he is very creative - and there is alot more to the world in terms of the paranormal that Athiests are not even open to even looking at.

However Smelly - your a pretty good writer, I suppose your sober at the moment?
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