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Smellyoldgit wrote View Post
You're lucky!
I have to quickly scan everything the fool writes - must be a punishment from a past life.
The time has probably come to stuff him in his own 'Troll Dump" thread where he can whine & bitch to his rectum's content.
I wouldn't worry about that, Chris (SOG, whatever, who cares?)

I don't think I'm coming back. Shit.

The years have passed, the world turned, things change. Forums are dead and no one's opinion matters.

I even tried watching the masterdebaters on YouTube (D'sousa, Hitchens, various Christians, various atheists). It's all the same farting. I can't believe people bother to even host those debates. It's a circus freak-show. Nothing is ever discovered or won.

But I think smart minds like to exercise. Walk our wits. But I'm just here because I'm bored. God never called me to this, or if he did it was for years ago, not now.

Being in this group is sad, and it says something about me.

So, you don't have to do anything. I highly doubt I will even check back.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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