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Christmas can kiss my fucking hairy ballsack. I have no interest to partake in the annual fucked up festival of greed, hypocricy, overspending and general bad taste. The legions of already fat fuckers will go about cramming their bloated pie-holes with the regulation grease, junk, booze & stodgy sweet shite.

A fortune will be spent on boatloads of chinese-made crap that nobody wants - Hallmark will shift shitloads of fucking retarded cards that never see a recycling bin, and why the fuck anybody wants to stuff a tree in the house & cover it in balls is beyond me. Thankfully, I don't own a tele so it's easy to avoid the flood of seasonal shite, repeats, Jesusy wank and the fucking queen's bullshit speech. And don't start me on the fucking months of torture that masquerades as music!

The whole fuck-fest is nothing more than a huge con, aimed at getting the gormless fuckheads of the population to spend spend and spend again till the next commercial shit wagon comes around. I fucking hate it and can't wait for some semblance of normality to return. Bollocks to it all!

Well, now! It looks like somebody needs to put Mr. Hanky in his mouth, and try to say, "Ho, ho, ho and yum, yum, yum! Christmas time has come!"

Put something sweet in your mouth. Hang up some shiny shit! Get up off your grinchy ass, and fucking celebrate!

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