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Interesting. I never heard of that sect of Christianity. I'd guess that it's either not a large denomination, or it's relatively new. I shall research this...
It's my own. It has been since 1993. It's not open to members. Everyone needs to make up their own religion. I truly believe it's the only thing God respects.

Of course if you assert something, we can make speculations based on that assertion. But if there's no evidence for the assertion, let alone reason to assert it in the first place, why bother asserting it in the first place? We'd just be throwing around our fantasies if we just went along with random ideas like that.
I agree. Forget the mature dialogue.

Stargazer wrote View Post
This is disrespectful to women as it portrays them as objects to be "stolen." I hope this isn't the way you treat the women in your life, Egor.
You're not going to be boring are you, Stargazer? Ridicule me, beat me, shove broken glass up my ass, but please, for the love of God don't bore me.

Honestly, this is the posturing of an adolescent.
Have you noticed what forum we're in? If you want maturity, e-mail me. Otherwise, when in Rome...

You complain about disrespect, but are doing it yourself. How about getting back to the discussion?
What discussion?


mo·nism (mnzm, mnzm)
n. Philosophy
1. The view in metaphysics that reality is a unified whole and that all existing things can be ascribed to or described by a single concept or system.
2. The doctrine that mind and matter are formed from, or reducible to, the same ultimate substance or principle of being.

Even with a definition the phrase seems vague. Unless you're attempting to say God is a single concept or system. Seriously, without some more specific details, this is impossible to work with.
Saying that God is monistic is saying that there is only one substance, and that is God, and all things are made by God from God for God. Even if we live in an apparent dualism in this world, and even if that dualism continues into the next world and beyond, ultimately, the closer we get to God, the less we are distinct from God, because all things are ultimately God.

OK. Veridican. You must have made that term up because it does not come up on a Google search. The rest of the explanation seems to imply that every person is God.
Individual persons are the apparent dualism. But everything is God. And yes, I made up the word Veridican. It means one who follows after that which is true. Veridicanism being the doctrine of those who follow after that which is true.

Then stop strutting around and flashing your biceps and address some of my questions. IF it's OK with you to talk to a woman as an equal.
Only you can place yourself beneath me.

Stargazer wrote View Post
Either way, it makes no sense.

Looks like a hastily created web page to support a term he just made up?
Let me end the suspense. I'm still in the process of building that website. The Latin is just a placeholder for text. I'll start advertising it when I'm done at least with the index page in a week or so.


Sol wrote View Post
ooh, look at you all keyboard warrior and shit.
It wasn't a threat of grotesque physical violence, just a fervent wish.
So, is that it Eddy ? is that all you've got ?
Establishing you have no intellect, no sense of self, no wit, no bite and no backbone, kind of takes all the fun out of it.

I take it you were one of those US servicemen who kept getting turned down then . It must of really pissed you off, your first wife leaving and you not being able to get any.

What the fuck are you gibbering about you sad fucking knuckle dragger ?
"the better seed" The better seed dribbled down your mothers leg when daddy was finished dry humping her fucking arse.

Rest assured I will keep my eyes and ears open for that event. And I believe she likes painting shit fucking pictures, I'll bring a painting by numbers kit.....

Again with this veridican vulcan mind meld bullshit, dude you were touting this make believe fucking hogwash back in '96. No fucker could work out what that deluded fucking shit meant then either. Give it up.

You might be willing but you aren't fucking capable.

You slack-jawed, mouth breathing, fucking poe-faced dishonest spinless knob ended delusional cretinous twat.
Knucle dragger. I like that. Sounds like a line of martial arts gear. But you still haven't answered my question. See it was the broken glass bit; it made you sound poor. So, do you have to heat your house one room at a time? Do you have to put pound coins in a meter to get heating oil for an hour? Do you have a meter on your tele to pay your TV tax?

You see, you can wish to hurt me all you want. But you can't, because you can't step in the ring and you can't afford a gun, so what can I say? Bite me.

Anyway, it's Super Bowl time, which means I have to drag my knucles out to the kitchen and make a pizza and drink some beer--refrigerated beer, the kind you don't get in 40 oz cider bottles.

Never mind, you wouldn't understand.
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