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So now you've come up with examples of different speculations, and the methods to find out if they are true.

Again I ask, what method should I use to find out if your speculation about a god is true?
One method is to die, than you find out. Im sure you find this unsatisfactory, but it is the basic test result everyone will face.

Another method is to search the Cosmos - like in Star Trek. Try to actually find God.

Another way is prayer, to see if God will bless you with a sign. Sometimes this actually works!!!!

Study the evidence of our species development on Earth, from abiogenesis to DNA molelcule to Eukaryotic cell, to homosapien- calculate the odds based on biological models, and weight the reasoned speculation (to the point of at least skeptical belief) that a "designer" or "creator" may have put their thumb on the scale.
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