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Hertz, Judge, even Smelly. You're probably all Chris, anyway, and Chris probably isn't a female from the Northwest.

Hertz and Judge. Do you realize, and I know this because I'm a writer (5 books), and a poet (wannabe) that your writing voice is exactly alike?

No, let me explain: In fiction, a problem authors have (Stephen King especially!) is that they are one person writing multiple characters, and it's very hard to make unique voices without sounding stupid. So, in literature, a lot of times, the characters sound similar. Like Hertz and Judge. Not to mention, you sound psychologically the same, which is a kind of narcissistic-pretension way of expressing yourself.

This is sad. Damn.

I guess the wild west days of forums really are over. Thinking Atheist has just become for atheists, not debate or creative dissing. Same with the other groups. Christians just hang out with Christians. The years have passed, Edward. You got to move on to something new.


To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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