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KA, I personally don't take the Bible so literally as JJ does.
The sacrifice of animals in my view was just a sacrifice to atone for sins - maybe if the Bible were written in modern times we would have to sacrifice money (currency) or our I phone - something we value.

Jesus obviously sacrificed his mortal life, and underwent incredible suffering during his crucifixion.

The Christian belief is that one's sins are "paid for" by Christ's sacrifice, which was otherwise unwarranted (Christ was innocent of wrong doing). The need for the universe to balance wrongs with rights, or justice is a concept similar to Karma. It is a Christian equivalent.

From an atheistic perspective, Jesus was at least a moral teacher. The Golden rule is spoken for Jesus's lips.

God Bless you KA - we love you!
Well said Andrew. I do agree with you. I also agree in modern terms the sacrifice would be different than animal sacrifices in the Old Testament days where animals were viewed differently.

Great analogy to Karma, easier to relate to I am sure from an atheist perspective than the need for atonement for sin.

K, Maybe sin is a " meaningless to concept to you" you note in post 3098 but you surely have some sense of sin which is right and wrong and wrong would be sin in simple terms from a Christian perspective. (response to post 3098)

I do believe Jesus did INDEED change things by using Andrew's example , atoning for wrong and opening the doors to everlasting life.


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