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Whats up!

Whats up my fellow atheist, the names Mage, and this forum looked pretty cool so I decided to join it. A little bit about myself, I'm 19 years old, I was a christian for about 13 years of my life, and then I was a closet Atheist for about 5 years. I was born in Boston, but mostly grew up in southern VA where there was pretty much nothing to do but drugs and church. Growing up I would go to church 3-5 times a week, (bible study on Wednesday, choir practice on Friday, Church Landscaping on Saturday, Sunday School + Church service on Sunday, and occasionally a second service at another church on Sunday) I've come to learn that the best way to make an atheist is to actually teach people about there religion which I do on my You Tube channel. I make videos about 2-3 times a week about various aspects of Christianity, Islam, and other religions. I might post them here (with permissions from the mods of course) as most of my fans/friends find them to be very entertaining so you might like them as well! Okay that's it for now.
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Welcome Mage

"Ignorance is not bliss; it is terrifying like walking blindfolded down a dark hallway full of set bear traps." ~ Sternwallow

Death will be like 1964 all over again.
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Howdy, Mage.

Always question all authorities because the authority you don't question is the most dangerous... except me, never question me.
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Once you are dead, you are nothing. Graffito, Pompeii
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Ooo - can't wait to see the videos!

Stop the Holy See men!
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Mage, you say? Can you turn water into wine or anything useful like that?

The Leprechauns do not forbid the drawing of Their images, as long as we color within the lines. ~ Ghoulslime H Christ, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Masturbator
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