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Tax, Wealth & Christ-stain Hypocrisy

Us enlightened heathens have long understood that Christ-insanity is a fully legal front for raising huge sums of cash for an exploitative few, from a weak and gullible majority, as highlighted in this report on Nigeriaís millionaire pastors.

Thereís little guessing needed to identify the biggest tax evader in Italy and of course, Merkins are encouraged to start their own church to take advantage of the copious tax benefits available to the saviours of our souls..... and donít start me on televangelistís wealth and the abundance of associated scandals.

Iím sure weíve griped about the benefits of running a Christian business within these hallowed forum walls on many an occasion, but Iím buggered if I can find Ďem!

As is usual with gnu atheist attacks on theismís privileged positions Ė itís a slow process of chip, poke, prod to get laws changed and the playing field levelled. It really does get on my bollocks that itís the poor folk who can least afford to give, that have built up the huge reserves of wonga that the liars for the lawd are quite happy to take.

Stop the Holy See men!
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